squid 9: server migration & upgrade

We will be migrating our squid 9 server to a new, upgraded server tonight, Thursday, April 6, between 5:00pm and 9:00pm PDT. During the migration period, there may be some intermittent downtime for the control panel, FTP and MySQL.

Our new server has the following upgrades:

– RAID 5 hard drive mirroring. With RAID 5, server data is simultaneously written to 3 hard drives, so in the event that one of the hard drives fails, the other two hard drives will take over and the server will remain online until a replacement for the failed hard drive is scheduled. With RAID 5, overall server uptime is much better than a traditional single hard drive configuration, since failed hard drives are often the main cause of server downtime.

– increased processor speed and RAM

– operating system upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

– webserver upgraded to Apache 2.0

– control panel upgraded to Plesk 7.5.4

– MySQL upgraded to 4.1

– SpamAssassin upgraded to 3.0

After the migration, all of your account settings will remain unchanged.

Please Note: After the migration, if your email program has problems connecting to the server, try restarting it or rebooting your computer. Sometimes the old server’s ip address will get cached and need to be refreshed.

5:01pm Migration has started.

5:42pm Migration has completed. If you have any problems after the migration, just enter a support ticket through our Help Desk.