Calling all catch-alls!

This is just a reminder that email catch-alls can dramatically increase the amount of spam that you receive. As such, we strongly recommend not using them. In some cases, they will actually prevent you from receiving legitimate email as well. This happens when the catch-all account redirects to another email provider such as,,,, etc. The problem with using a remote account as a redirect is that one of the spam filtering techniques these providers use involves rate-limiting by source IP. By setting up a catch-all, you effectively turn email that would be coming from many different IPs into many emails coming from one IP — the IP of the forwarding server. This influx of email from a single IP is likely to trigger the spam blocks of these providers and cause all mail, both spam and legitimate, to be blocked for a certain period of time.

For our hosting customers, we have specific information on how to disable your catchall in our FAQ and we highly recommend it!