Google Analytics

As a Laughing Squid customer, you can view website traffic information by accessing your web stats directory ( The web stats directory is comprised of various server metrics that are gleaned from the server logs to give you an idea of the numbers of visitors you have and what pages they are visiting. There’s a new tool out there we’re recommending that you can add to your arsenal to help complement the web stats that your server collects.

Google recently unveiled Analytics (based on the popular Urchin website analyzer that Google purchased in 2005), a service that analyzes how visitors are getting to your site. No matter how big your website or blog is, with a few lines of code to embed into your html anyone can use the service for free by simply signing up for an account.

At its basic level, Google Analytics is a simple, somewhat easy-to-use visual interface. Lots of colors, charts, stats, etc. If you’re a stats junkie, this is a service you’ll definitely want to get for your website. Not to give too much away, but you can see what city visitors are coming from!

In addition, this service allows for some powerful examination of how search terms (keywords) play into the visits to your website. This feature also integrates nicely into Google’s AdWords program.

The service allows you to create your own marketing campaigns by setting goals that will display in graph form showing you how your progress is coming along. And everything that is tracked can be easily ported into Excel form, plain text, or as XML.

This is a slick service. But of course, we’re not telling you everything here, and with Google, you can be sure of future improvements and new features.

Check out their website for more information:

Here’s more information about your web stats directory: