Switching To Monthly Payment Period Only

In an effort to streamline our billing process, we will be phashing out our 6 month pre-payment billing option and charge for hosting on a monthly basis only. To make up for the diffrence in the pre-payment discount, we have reduced our hosting pricing on the non-discounted rates of our hosting plans. The new pricing will go into effect on your next billing cycle. Here are a few of the reasons for this change:

– Simplify the billing process and create less confusion associated with billing cycles.

– We want to charge you for the actual services we provide only, not for future services that have not yet been rendered. It’s not realistic to set aside pre-payments for future use.

– The whole pre-payment idea is a marking concept that the web hosting industry uses to try to lock in customers. We want to give you the flexibily to end your hosting services whenever you want if you need to, instead of having to wait out your pre-payment period or cut your losses.