Server Down – Squid 8

Squid 8 is currently down and in the process of being rebooted. It should be back online soon. We will update this post once its back online or we have more information.

UPDATE 1: 9:12 AM 11/14 — Squid 8 is currently back online and everything is functioning normally.

UPDATE 2: 5:22 PM 11/16 — We are still having some problems with squid8. It appears to be a memory issue. We are currently investing the problem. It should come back online after it is rebooted.

UPDATE 3: 5:45 PM 11/16 — The server is back online.

UPDATE 4: We have scheduled a replacement of the server’s RAM. The total downtime will be around 15:00-30:00 and replacement will take place between 2am and 4am on Friday, November 17th.

UPDATE 5: 2:45 AM 11/17 — The RAM replacement has been completed.

UPDATE 6: 11:07 AM 11/17 — Sever crashed again, so it turns out it wasn’t the RAM. It still appears to be hardware related, so we will be scheduling a time soon to swap out the server hardware.

UPDATE 7: 11:18 AM 11/17 — The server has been rebooted and is now back online. We are continuing to work on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon.