Squid12: Plesk Upgrade

We will be starting the upgrade of Plesk on Squid 12 early next week (8/27 – 8/31). During the upgrade period, there may be some intermittent downtime for the Plesk control panel, FTP, webmail and sites hosted on this server. We will give status updates to this post during the upgrade.

This will bring us to version 8.1.1 of Plesk, including bug fixes, performance, security improvements, updating the version of webmail that is used and an improved control panel interface.

Update: 08/28/07 3:58PM PDT Starting Plesk upgrade process on Squid 12.

Update: 08/28/07 4:23PM PDT Upgrade still running with changes to Apache (web server) completed and access unavailable to the Plesk control panel, webmail and FTP.

Update: 08/28/07 5:04PM PDT The server had to be rebooted and the upgrade needs to be rerun.

Update: 08/28/07 5:51 PM PDT Plesk upgrade complete. You may need to restart your browser if you have problems logging in to control panel or webmail. Thanks for your patience during this upgrade.

Update: 08/28/07 06:00PM PDT Issue with webmail after the upgrade, working to correct the issue.

Update: 08/28/07 06:33PM PDT Webmail issue corrected and Plesk upgrade on Squid12 is completed.