Email Catch-All Option To Be Disabled For All Domains

As mentioned in our Email FAQ, we have phased out the email catch-all option for email accounts. A catch-all is a way to process email sent to all addresses that do not exist for a domain and it is configured to forward these messages that it catches to another email address, internal or external.

Catch-all addresses are a big problem for web hosts because they are guaranteed to attract spammers. This can lead to a huge increase of spam due to dictionary attacks and bounces from virus spam. This often leads to our servers being blocked by ISP’s (AOL, Yahoo, etc.), because to them it appears that the spam is being sent from our servers. In addition to that, catch-alls can overload our mail servers, causing performance problems.

Starting on January 15th, 2008 we will be turning off any remaining catch-alls for all domains that we host. If you are currently using a catch-all to receive email sent to non-existent addresses, you will need to create these emails accounts using the control panel.

To check to see if you have a catch-all configured for your domain you just need to log into the Plesk control panel, select the domain you want to check, select Mail under services and then go to preferences. If the “Reject” option is selected you are NOT using a catch-all, but if “Forward to address” is selected, then you do have a catch-all configured for the domain and you will need to turn it off and setup individual email accounts for the addresses you use.

For more info on catch-alls, please see our Email FAQ.