WordPress 2.3 Dexter

Version 2.3 of WordPress was released on September 24, 2007. Named ‘Dexter’ for tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, two of the more noticeable forward facing changes in this version include native tagging support and update notifications.

If you were using plugins before to add tags to posts (a la Bunny’s Technorati Tags), you won’t need to keep using them any more. With native tagging built right into the WordPress blog engine, now every time you post, you’ll also be able to add some tags right from the wp-admin blog posting interface.

For all of the plugins that you do continue to use, the update notification system will be a nice feature to have for sure. If any plugins you use have been updated – or if a new version of WordPress becomes available – the new notification system will send you an email. How cool.

No WordPress version upgrade would be complete without some tinkering under the hood, and this new version boasts some 351 improvements. There’s a lot of good new stuff to be had from this latest shipment of the open source WordPress software.