WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin.

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about a new WordPress plugin, and rightly so. The WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin automatically upgrades your blog to the latest version of WordPress without you having to upload or download any files. Possibly the greatest plugin ever!

The plugin works by going through the steps provided in the WordPress upgrade instructions, the same steps you’ve been doing manually to upgrade WordPress all along.

It starts by getting some FTP information, which is about the only thing initially that you need to contribute before the plugin kicks into high gear. After that comes the automatic part:

  • it backs up your database and WordPress files
  • zips them both up and FTPs them to your local machine
  • retrieves the newest version of WordPress
  • deactivates your plugins
  • installs the new version
  • turns everything back on

In what seems like a minute or two, you’re rocking and rolling with a shiny new version of WordPress and backups of your old blog and blog posts to boot!

With this gem of a plugin, you now have no excuse not to upgrade when a recommended version upgrade of WordPress is released. It’s such a great tool that we have even added it to our WordPress FAQ.

For more info, check out the Laughing Squid blog post.