Creating Good Passwords For Improved Security

It cannot be overstated that working with good passwords is key to keeping your web activity more secure. Due to the growing number of accounts that you need to be able to log into, a common mistake is to use the same password for everything. Or worse: using a super easy password like ‘12345’.

Weak passwords can cause havoc for a website owner, like website defacement. If you want to start making your cyber life more secure you need to be using tougher passwords for your logins.

You can use a password generator to create random strings that are more secure. A popular app here at Laughing Squid is the RPG tool which is free and fully customizable. If you search ‘Random Password Generator’ you will find all kinds of flavors of the stuff to choose from.

Some of you may be unaware that we also have an FAQ entry about creating good passwords.

Finally, the trouble with creating difficult passwords is that they are virtually impossible for the creator to remember. A wonderful solution for this is a password management service like 1Password. This service is basically a password wallet that serves up your bulletproof passwords when you are logging into different accounts online. In addition to remembering passwords, it remembers usernames, credit card information, autofills your name and address information into form fields and a lot more. If you are running Mac you must check this service out.

Don’t let the hackers get the best of you, your website, or your identity. Start protecting yourself with solid passwords today.