MySQL upgrade on Standard servers Squid8 – Squid17

Over the next month we will be upgrading the MySQL database server to version 5 on our Standard servers Squid8 through Squid17. This may cause short outages for some applications and scripts that make database connections on these servers. If you’re not sure which server you are on, you can check using our server lookup tool. All sites hosted on our Cloud hosting system will be unaffected by this maintenance.

These upgrades are being applied to provide the best compatibility with WordPress and other modern scripts. WordPress has announced that version 3.2 will require MySQL 5, and more information can be found in their beta announcement. These upgrades will be completed prior to the release of 3.2.

We will update this post as the servers are upgraded and the maintenance is completed. Please make sure any scripts or applications you use on your website are compatible with MySQL 5. If you have any issues after the upgrades are complete please submit a support ticket and we will investigate further.

UPDATE 5/26: All servers have been upgraded to MySQL 5. As always, if you see any problems with your site please contact us through our help desk.