PHP/MySQL upgrades for Cloud Hosting

If you haven’t yet upgraded your site to use PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.1, this is a reminder that these are now available in our Cloud hosting environment. For those that haven’t yet upgraded, you are encouraged to do so soon as we will begin an automatic upgrade to PHP 5.3 on July 31, and an upgrade to MySQL 5.1 on Aug 31.

To take advantage of PHP 5.3 you can do the following:

1. Make sure your site can support PHP 5.3. If you’re running the latest version of WordPress or another actively developed CMS you’re ready to go!

2. Log into the control panel.

3. Go to the Features tab for your site and click on “Change Technology”.

4. Select “Linux/Apache/PHP5.3” and click the ‘Change Technology’ button.

The change may take up to 5 minutes, and after that your site will be up and running on PHP 5.3. Please note that this change will update your sites IP address to point to a new location. For anyone running CloudFlare, you will need to update your CloudFlare settings to point to this new IP address in order for your site to resolve.

Upgrading to MySQL 5.1 will involve the following steps:

1. Put up a ‘maintenance’ page and stop any database connections to your site. This can generally be done by renaming the config file.

2. Back everything up. Export your database using PHPMyAdmin or other tool.

3. Create a new database. All newly created databases are provisioned to use MySQL 5.1.

4. Import your saved database backup. You should be able to import any database smaller than 16MB using PHPMyAdmin. If you have a large database, open a support ticket and we can help you with the import.

5. Update your config file. The new database will have different login information and a different hostname. Once you replace this information your site should be able to make database connections normally.

As always if you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade process, please open a support ticket and we would be happy to help you out.