Discontinuing hosting for .is domains

With our move to a Rackspace cloud hosting environment, our DNS servers will no longer support the custom setup required to host .is domains. The technical requirements for hosting DNS for a .is domain are very strict, as outlined here. Specifically, the nameservers Rackspace uses for our hosting environment are set up as aliases to Rackspace’s main DNS system, which is not a configuration supported by ISNIC, the Icelandic registrar in charge of registering .is domains.

We will be discontinuing DNS hosting for .is domains as of December 31, 2012 and urge you to find a new host before that time. After this time hosting plans for all .is domains will be canceled and all data will be removed from our servers. To find a hosting provider we recommend checking the ISNIC list of officially supported .is hosting providers.

We do apologize for this inconvenience and will switch all hosting plans for .is domains over to free one month before they are discontinued. We’ll also zip up all files and databases for you for ease of moving to your new host.