PHP 7.4 available on Cloud Sites


We are excited to announce the introduction of PHP version 7.4 on Cloud Sites. Starting Monday, July 20th you’ll be able to upgrade to 7.4.

We know that staying abreast of the latest technologies is key to your continued success. You want and need the efficiencies and security these new frameworks can provide.

Active support of PHP 7.1 frameworks ended recently and security updates ended in January 2020.

It is recommended to upgrade to any of the supported frameworks (7.3 or 7.4) at your earliest convenience.

Making changes to your site code can be daunting. Although we do not provide development assistance, we will help guide you on your journey off of these older and unsupported PHP versions. We have created a Knowledge Base article to help your transition between legacy PHP versions and version 7.4.

Once PHP 7.4 is available you can update your website(s) PHP version at any time via the ‘Change Technology’ option in the Cloud Sites control panel.