Squid8 & Squid9 panicked

Yesterday we were in the process of applying an update to the kernel for our servers and when we got to the second server (Squid9) it had a kernel panic. This required that we revert back to the previous kernel and reboot that server. This morning we we saw the same issue with the new kernel on Squid8 and we are in the process of reverting it back as well.

Until we have a cause and a fix for the kernel panic we will be holding off updating them to avoid any additional outages.

UPDATE: As a precaution we will be dropping the kernel on all of our servers to a previous version which will require a quick reboot of each server.

Port 587 now available for SMTP

With the increase in the number of ISPs that are blocking outbound SMTP connections to other servers we have added port 587 as an alternative port to use for SMTP. This will possibly allow customers to use port 587 instead of the normal port for SMTP (25) and get around the block by the ISP, which will require that you make a change in your email client to use the alternate port. Here’s more information on how to configure your email client to use port 587 for SMTP.

PHP5 Upgrade on Squid17

Today the PHP5 upgrade on Squid17 will be done and we will be updating this post throughout the upgrade.

09:10 AM PDT Starting the install of PHP5.2 on the server, you will not see any changes in your site at this point, this is just a task that has to be completed before the switch is made.

09:50 AM PDT Install is completed and we will be making the change in Apache to switch to PHP5.2

09:58 AM PDT The upgrade to PHP5.2 on Squid17 is completed. While we have done our own checks to make sure that PHP5.2 is running smoothly I strongly encourage for you to double check your own site or sites that are hosted on Squid17 due to the change in PHP5.