Cloud Sites Pricing Adjustment

On June 1st, 2019, the price of Cloud Sites hosting will be changing to the following:

Simple Squid – $5/month
Micro Squid – $7/month
Mega Squid – $9/month

This pricing adjustment is being implemented due to increased business costs, along with ongoing improvements to Laughing Squid Hosting services and support. Some recent Cloud Sites improvements include increased storage and bandwidth quotas, as well as the removal of compute cycles.

We really appreciate your business. If you have any questions about your hosting plan, please contact support.

Please Note: This adjustment is for Cloud Sites only. Managed WordPress pricing and quotas will remain the same.

Managed WordPress PHP 7.2 Upgrade

Pressable will be upgrading the version of PHP we use on Managed WordPress to PHP 7.2 on April 3rd, 2019. This is a mandatory upgrade due to the fact that PHP will no longer be providing security updates for PHP 7.0.

There is a built-in scanning tool you can use to detect whether there might be any conflicts on your site with PHP 7.2 that available in your dashboard. To access this tool, you will need to visit and click into the “Settings” of a site you want to check. From there, you will see a “PHP Report” tab that you can click on to begin the process of generating and viewing reports for your site.

For more information about the PHP 7.2 update and the scanning tool, please see Pressable’s knowledge base article:

PHP Supported Versions: