Managed WordPress PHP 7.2 Upgrade

Pressable will be upgrading the version of PHP we use on Managed WordPress to PHP 7.2 on April 3rd, 2019. This is a mandatory upgrade due to the fact that PHP will no longer be providing security updates for PHP 7.0.

There is a built-in scanning tool you can use to detect whether there might be any conflicts on your site with PHP 7.2 that available in your dashboard. To access this tool, you will need to visit and click into the “Settings” of a site you want to check. From there, you will see a “PHP Report” tab that you can click on to begin the process of generating and viewing reports for your site.

For more information about the PHP 7.2 update and the scanning tool, please see Pressable’s knowledge base article:

PHP Supported Versions:

Cloud Sites PHP 7.2 Upgrade

As a part of Liquid Web’s continuing effort to refresh and secure the Cloud Sites product, they will be conducting weekly maintenance starting on February 11th to sunset PHP 5.6/7.0 and start preparing the platform for PHP 7.3. These maintenance windows will be every night Monday through Thursday starting at 9PM and continuing until 3AM the following day (Central Time) for 3 weeks, ending at 3AM March 1st.

Control Panel Access:

During these maintenance periods, in order to protect your data integrity, the Cloud Sites Control panel may be inaccessible for up to 2 hours (9PM -11PM CT).

Website Availability:

All PHP 7.1, 7.2, websites will remain operational through all the maintenance periods. These technologies are not impacted by the upgrades.

For customers on PHP 5.6 and 7.0, we have been communicating with you about sunsetting the deprecated PHP versions and upgrading to PHP 7.2. Per the schedule below, Liquid Web will be changing over groups of web nodes from PHP 5.6 and 7.0 and upgrading them to PHP 7.2. The schedule is broken up over 3 weeks, with each week dedicated to a specific datacenter.

As we get closer to the start date, Liquid Web will be posting this and any additional information on the Cloud Sites status page at –

PHP 7.2 Upgrade Schedule

You can determine when your website’s server cluster will be upgraded to 7.2 by comparing the Cluster ID in your websites testlink to the schedule below. Not all sites on your account will have the same Cluster ID. Here is an example of a testlink with the Cluster ID in the parentheses.

Example: will have its upgrade on Week 1 on Tuesday.

Week 1 ( PHX1-1 ) 9 PM – 3 AM CT
Monday, February 11th:
php56-1.phx1-1, php56-2.phx1-1, php56-3.phx1-1, php56-4.phx1-1, php56-5.phx1-1, php56-6.phx1-1, php56-7.phx1-1, php56-8.phx1-1

Tuesday, February 12th:
php56-9.phx1-1, php56-10.phx1-1, php56-11.phx1-1, php56-12.phx1-1, php56-13.phx1-1, php56-14.phx1-1, php56-15.phx1-1, php56-16.phx1-1

Wednesday, February 13th:
php56-17.phx1-1, php56-18.phx1-1, php56-19.phx1-1, php56-20.phx1-1, php56-21.phx1-1, php56-22.phx1-1, php56-23.phx1-1, php56-24.phx1-1

Thursday, February 14th:
php56-25.phx1-1, php56-26.phx1-1, php7-27.phx1-1, php56-28.phx1-1, php7-29.phx1-1, php7-30.phx1-1, php56-31.phx1-1

Week 2 ( PHP1-2 ) 9 PM – 3 AM CT
Monday, February 18th:
php56-1.phx1-2, php56-2.phx1-2, php56-3.phx1-2, php56-4.phx1-2, php56-5.phx1-2, php56-6.phx1-2, php56-7.phx1-2, php56-8.phx1-2, php56-9.phx1-2

Tuesday, February 19th:
php56-10.phx1-2, php56-11.phx1-2, php56-12.phx1-2, php56-13.phx1-2, php56-14.phx1-2, php56-15.phx1-2, php56-16.phx1-2, php56-17.phx1-2

Wednesday, February 20th:
php56-18.phx1-2, php56-19.phx1-2, php56-20.phx1-2, php56-21.phx1-2, php56-22.phx1-2, php56-23.phx1-2, php56-24.phx1-2, php56-25.phx1-2

Thursday, February 21st:
php56-26.phx1-2, php56-27.phx1-2, php56-28.phx1-2, php56-29.phx1-2, php56-30.phx1-2, php56-31.phx1-2, php7-32.phx1-2, php7-33.phx1-2

Week 3 ( LAN3-1 ) 9 PM – 3 AM CT
Monday, February 25th:
php56-1.lan3-1, php56-2.lan3-1, php56-3.lan3-1, php56-4.lan3-1, php56-5.lan3-1, php56-6.lan3-1, php56-7.lan3-1, php56-8.lan3-1, php56-9.lan3-1

Tuesday, February 26th:
php56-10.lan3-1, php56-11.lan3-1, php56-12.lan3-1, php56-13.lan3-1, php56-14.lan3-1, php56-15.lan3-1, php56-16.lan3-1, php56-17.lan3-1, php56-18.lan3-1

Wednesday, February 27th:
php56-19.lan3-1, php56-20.lan3-1, php56-21.lan3-1, php56-22.lan3-1, php56-23.lan3-1, php56-24.lan3-1,php56-25.lan3-1, php56-26.lan3-1, php56-27.lan3-1

Thursday, February 28th:
php56-28.lan3-1, php56-29.lan3-1, php56-30.lan3-1, php56-31.lan3-1,php56-32.lan3-1, php56-33.lan3-1, php7-34.lan3-1, php7-35.lan3-1

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