Managed WordPress Hosting

Back in March, we introduced a new hosting option that we call Managed WordPress Hosting, or MWP for short.

We’ve had a lot of success with this service, and so have early-adopting Laughing Squid customers who have already migrated. If you aren’t really sure if it is right for you or if you’re just hearing about it now for the first time, here is some information to summarize what MWP is is all about.

MWP is a highly-optimized WordPress hosting service that features:
  • Daily backups that are easy to restore
  • A free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate
  • A built-in CDN to leverage content for faster load times
  • Jetpack Premium at no extra cost
  • Enterprise grade email provided by Rackspace
MWP control panel
View of the MWP control panel.

Do I need MWP hosting for my website?

If you can answer yes to any of the following, then you are a great candidate for migration:

  • I am not comfortable manually upgrading my WordPress blog, themes, and/or plugins.
  • I constantly struggle with website overages, like compute cycles, disk space, and/or bandwidth.
  • My WordPress website has been hacked.
  • I need to keep renewing my SSL certificate in the current Cloud Sites environment.
  • I need an affordable SSL certificate solution for my website.
  • I want to instantly recover a previous version of my website.
  • I have outgrown the resource allowances of Cloud Sites and do not want to move to another host.

Any of the above are solid reasons for migration to our MWP hosting. If you are an existing customer interested in having us migrate your WordPress website to MWP (there is no charge for migration), please submit a simple migration form to start the process.

If you are a new customer and you want to migrate from your old host to our MWP hosting, just fill out our order form. Migration is also free for new customers.

Webmail Login Issues

Our email customers are currently experiencing latency or errors when attempting to access their webmail login. Rackspace, our email provider, is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it quickly. You can follow their progress on their status page.

As a workaround, you are able to access your Laughing Squid mailboxes via a desktop email client or on a mobile device. Email delivery is NOT impacted by this incident.

There are setup guides for all the major email programs and mobile devices available here: and here:

Here is the full text of the original Rackspace post:

02:45 PM EDT

As many of you have noticed, webmail users have experienced login failures yesterday and today. We apologize for the loss of webmail access and are sharing an update while we continue work to resolve the issue.

What is going on

The user identity system that controls all usernames and passwords consists of numerous subsystems. The subsystem that handles webmail logins is performing slowly. Once a user has successfully logged in, however, email performance is normal. There is no impact to incoming or outgoing email.

Users who access email via desktop or mobile device email clients are not affected by this issue. If you need help setting up a device, click here to get easy to use instructions:

How we are responding

First, to control performance we are intentionally rate limiting logins to webmail, online docs, and cloud drive.

Second, we are adding login processing capacity to the system to address current performance issues. Due to the size and complexity of our systems, this work must be done carefully. Capacity improvements will begin this evening and will continue through the weekend.

While additional capacity will mitigate the current state, we are actively investigating the underlying cause of the issue.

What is next

We are closely monitoring system loads and will continue to do so. Because of the nature of this incident, we may have to initiate some amount of rate limiting for webmail logins on Monday, 27 August 2018, as we load increases throughout the work day.

Upon request, we will make available an Incident Report that details the root cause of the issue, as well as remediation steps taken and actions we will take to prevent this issue from reoccurring.


We deeply apologize for users experiencing trouble accessing webmail. We know that email is important to you and will continue to work diligently to resolve this issue.

We will post status updates as significant events occur.